Dermal Needling Treatments

Pro Restore Advanced Dermal Therapy | $649
This is our most advanced Dermal Therapy for the repair and restoration of our clients skin concerns.
This revolutionary treatment uses a combination of Dermal Needling, Chemical Peel and the newest innovation from Dermalogica, their Pro Restore Serum protocol.  This is clinically proven to speed up recovery and reduce downtime by more than 50% and reduces the time between treatment significantly to work on some of the more stubborn concerns. If you want radiant, clear and youthful skin then this is the treatment for you.
This treatment includes a protocol of take home professional serums to use post treatment to enhance the results

Skin Needling Only

Full Face | $249

Face, Neck & Decollatage | $399

Scar Treatment | $149

Full Back | $399

Add-on Pro Restore Advanced Dermal Therapy* | $199

( can only be used on Needling & Chemical Peel treatments)