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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The Ins and Outs of what your skin needs

Do you spend most of your time wondering what is is you can do to improve your skin?? And then just when you think you know all the answers it all turns to shit again and you are back at square one. We have all been there and the frustration is real.

Hormonal triggers!

We all know that when that time of the month is approaching that our skin is going to turn into a three eyed monster and ruin our day completely, but how do you manage that?

I think that the first thing to realise is the hormones are the devil....... They will have you feeling gorgeous one day and hideous the next and there is not a great deal we can do to stop that happening. What we can do is preempt the changes and monitor how our skin and body reacts.

It happens to us all!!!

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through #instagram and see all of the beautiful people with there gorgeous skin and flawless complexions and think to your self "how do I get that". We news flash, nearly all of the photos there are airbrushed and filtered so that is not reality. We really need to take a step back and not compare your reality to that of social media.

I love it when my skin is glowing and dewy and feeling amazing and I will always take that opportunity to not wear makeup and let my skin do its thing and it is amazing how many people will comment on how good my skin looks.

This is great validation as I used to be that girl that never left the house without makeup on and was terrified of people judging my #skin and #pigmentation. I am that girl that burns in front of the fridge light if I am not careful so #freckles are a part of my reality and I love them.

However I am still at 42 falling victim to adult #breakouts and #hormonal #pimples. They are the pits. I woke up yesterday with clear and smooth skin and by the time I got to the salon I had a pimple on my lip, one on my cheek and another small one under my eye :(

Any yes I tell clients not to pick at them but in true hypocrite style I proceeded to attack them with my nails and create wounds on my face until I thought hmmmmmm maybe that was a mistake. OOOPPPPPPSSSSS. So now I am bleeding and regretting my decisions and trying to figure out how to cover them up for the day. Thankfully I wear a face mask all day so problem solved right there, but I know that I am not alone in doing this to myself every single month.

what can you do?

Home care and regular treatments are the key

I know that my skin is in need of some love and I am doing all of my home care and about to Dermaplane my face so that my products will penetrate better and give my skin a really good exfoliation. I also know that I now need to let my little blemishes heal and to do that I have to keep my hands off them. EASIER SAID THEN DONE!!!!!!


I recommend a monthly facial to all of my clients as maintenance and thorough exfoliation to help keep the skin healthy and aid in the health of your skin. With the combination of amazing homeware products and professional salon treatments we can keep your skin, regardless of the severity of your skin concern at bay and reduce the ongoing breakouts and impact that this has on your day to day life. For me helping people manage their skin concerns and boost self esteem is the most rewarding part of my job.

If your skin needs some intensive work then alway ensure that you are having a highly qualified professional look and your skin and treat it. One product may not be perfect for you but sometimes a combination of numerous ones is the perfect fit. I will happily sit down with you and go through all of your current products and show you which ones are going to work best for you and make recommendations along the way to fill in any gaps that will help you achieve the perfect skin.


don't forget that our skin is a true reflection of our lifestyle and if you are eating the wrong food and ignoring the signs of inflammation then you will be fighting a loosing battle.

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